Sophia Olivas, Arina Aristova, and David Poyer

Saturday, September 14, 2024
Time: 11:30 AM – 12:45 PM
Milford Theater

Our panelists will be discussing on how to navigate this new technology and incorporate it in our lives. Sophia Olivas, author and AI Consultant along with Arina Aristova, author of the AI Fiction, The Charter of Ailith, will be in conversation with David Poyer, author of  Writing In The Age Of AI: What You Need to Know to Survive and Thrive

Olivas and Aristova co-authored the new release, From Gen Z to Gen Ai- A College Student’s Guide to AI.

Sophia Olivas 18 cropped

Sophia Olivas

Sophia Olivas is a force in the AI world, as an in-demand consultant to Fortune 500 companies, and now small businesses and entrepreneurs. She is renowned for her ability to assist her clients with making money in their sleep, scaling without adding to headcount, and freeing up hours in their week, all through leveraging AI.

With a tech career spanning since the ’90s, she founded and exited her first tech company, launched online banking for a top national bank, and raised $30million in capital within 28 days, all before she was 25, and is one of the first women to own a private crypto hedge fund.

Sophia taught students AI during the 2023 school year at UC Berkeley as a partner in the Changemaker program.

Sophia Olivas Amazon Author page.

Upcoming 2024 Books:

  1. Gen Z to Gen AI, co-authoring with Arina Aristova, publish ETA June 2024
  2. Disruption: How to Shift from Employee to Entrepreneur, co-authoring with Mark Byars, publish ETA July 2024
  3. Max Leverage: AI for Entrepreneurs and Small Biz, sole author, publish ETA September 2024
Arina Aristova

Arina Aristova

Arina Aristova is a talented writer, lawyer, and translator, originally from St. Petersburg, Russia. Her first poetry publication at age 11 marked the beginning of her literary career and ignited a passion for writing that has lasted a lifetime. Through her skill as a storyteller, she has been able to transcend cultural barriers with her plays, short tales, and poetry that have appeared in literary publications in both Russian and US literary magazines. She headed the Russian edition of science fiction magazine Visions started by Carl Sagan.

Arina’s novel The Charter of Ailith is a captivating and thought-provoking sci-fi saga that delves into the complex relationship between technology and humanity. With its well-researched storyline and fast-paced narrative, the book seamlessly weaves together elements of AI, art, and reincarnation across different centuries, keeping readers engaged from start to finish. This book has received widespread praise from readers for its captivating exploration of AI’s development and its profound influence on society.

The Charter of Ailith

David Poyer

David Poyer

David Poyer – With a tech career spanning three decades since the ’90s, fifty of David Poyer’s novels and works of creative nonfiction are in print with major publishers. He’s also published oral history, travel and biographical nonfiction, and collaborated on memoirs. He’s been translated into Japanese, Dutch, Italian, Hungarian, and Serbo-Croatian, and rights have been sold for films.  Writers he’s mentored have been taken on by major literary agencies, published by major houses, appeared on New York Times Top Ten bestseller lists, won the International Latino Book award and other prizes, and become college teachers. His latest work is The Academy, published by St. Martin’s/Macmillan last December, and Writing In The Age of AI, from Northampton House last July.