The Work Begins After the Book is Written

Bob Eckstein and J.C. Plaza

Friday, September 13, 2024
Time: 3 – 4:15 pm
Pike County Public Library

Contrary to popular belief, the hard part is not writing the book – it’s marketing the book after it’s published. In today’s publishing world, whether you self-publish or are represented by a publisher, the onus is on you to promote your book. This can be daunting unless you know the tricks and techniques that have worked by successful authors. Join this exciting conversation and learn some of the little-known secrets of publishing in today’s competitive world.

Bob Eckstein

Bob Eckstein

Bob Eckstein is a humorist, New Yorker cartoonist, New York Times, best-selling author and world’s leading snowman expert. He has written for the New Yorker, New York Times, Reader’s Digest, Playboy, GQ, Wall St. Journal, and publications worldwide. He is also a Contributing Editor at Writer’s Digest. Eckstein has spoken on shows like Good Morning America and places like NYPL, Miami Book Fair, The Norman Rockwell Museum, and The Grolier Club. He teaches writing and cartooning around the world including School of Visual Arts, New York University, Pratt Institute and Yonsei University in South Korea. He is host of The Cartoon Pad podcast and editor of the popular newsletter, The Bob.
His newest book is Footnotes from the Most Fascinating Museums

Footnotes from the Most Fascinating Museums by Bob Eckstein

 The Illustrated History of the Snowman      

Jennifer Plaza author of The Legend of Lake Sangre

J.C. Plaza

As a young child, J.C. Plaza told tales of creatures living beneath the floorboards to her pet mice, while teaching her Chihuahua Spanish. Later, she earned a BS in Clarinet Performance, and an MBA. She also married her high school sweetheart, birthed two enchanting children, and moved to the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania where she started her doctoral adventures, leading to an early retirement from her music career. After hanging up her clarinet, she kept her black velvet dresses and turned them into the inspiration for her rekindled passion, fantasy storytelling. Now, she spends her time giving life to dreams because fantasies are meant to be shared.

J.C. Plaza is the author of the epic erotic horror novel, The Legend of Lake Sangre: Summer’s Reign. 

The Legend of Lake Sangre by J.C. Plaza