Pencils NEPA, Blue Fox and Pocono Liars Club

Friday, September 13, 2023
Time: 1:30 – 2:45 pm
Pike County Public Library

Writing is a lonely journey and the most successful writers seek out the support and feedback from others who are on the same path. This session will provide information on how three different writers’ groups in our area function. Maybe you’ll want to join one of these groups or maybe you’ll be inspired to start one of your own.

This session is sponsored by The Journal. Thank you.

Carol McManus


Carol McManus is the Executive Editor for the Mark Victor Hansen Library supervising a team of ghostwriters, editors and graphic designers in the creation and publication of impact books for clients. She is a lifelong writer of fiction and nonfiction and continues to inspire writers through her workshops and the Pencils NEPA adult writers’ group she founded in 2017.

She is the Vice Chair of Pike Artworks and the Co-Chair of the Milford Readers and Writers Festival.


Janine Sesa

Janine Sesa of the Blue Fox Writers Group

Janine J. Sesa started writing poetry at 9 years of age. She pursued creative writing until the age of 23. In 2018, Janine reconnected with her poetry, a passion and an identity that had lain dormant for some 30 years. She is especially interested in how the different forms of creative expression influence others, and challenges herself, using visual arts and music to begin a poem. She resides in Milford with her wife of 36 years and their two canine kids.

Kevin T. Morley


KT Morley is an Eastern Pennsylvanian author. He spent twenty years conspiring to teach the youth of America about Algebra and the plight of a hopelessly lost X before advancing to manage his school’s Humanities department. He has published in several anthologies: Rogue Blades Entertainment’s Crossbones and Crosses and Death’s Sting, and the Dragon Soul Press Anthology Coffins and Dragons. His latest anthology work, 21 Futures: Tales from the Timechain by Konsensus Network, released in the fall of 2023.