Ian Domowitz with Joe Callan

Sunday, September 15, 2024
1 – 2:30 PM
Good Shepherd Episcopal Church

110 W Catharine St.

Join author and artificial intelligence expert Ian Domowitz in conversation with storyteller and futurist Joe Callan as they discuss Domowitz’s book, Four Laws for the Artificially Intelligent and how AI is changing and will continue to change our world.

Ian Domowitz

Ian Domowitz is a veteran of the military, academia, and Wall Street. He is the author of Four Laws for the Artificially IntelligentThe Vice Chairman’s Doctrine, and the Getz Parker Magical Mystery series. A fellow of the Law School and Business School of Columbia University, he splits his time between Manhattan and the woods of Pennsylvania, where he spends an excessive amount of time conversing with his two English setters. Despite holding 12 patents in financial technology, Ian promises no use of generative AI in his written work. He can be contacted through

Four Laws for the Artificially Intelligent, The Vice Chairman’s Doctrine,  Getz Parker Magical Mystery series

Four Laws for the Artificially Intelligent by Ian Domowitz
Joe Callan

Joe Callan has been nurturing creative communities and exploring the boundaries of storytelling on the web since 2008. Through his stewardship of fiction platforms, Joe has cultivated a unique space for narrative innovation, especially in tales that flirt with the forbidden and the unknown. Alongside this, he leads a small online community dedicated to speculative discussions on the future impacts of an intelligence explosion. With a keen interest in the intersection of technology and narrative, Joe brings a thoughtful perspective to discussions on artificial intelligence in literature.