New Seating. New Lighting.
New Sound System & More

Since the 1920s, Milford Theater has served as the community’s movie house and sanctuary for performing arts. A staple of the community and historic fixture, Milford Theater is a home for live music, plays, classic film, and more. Located in a vibrant borough with a rich history, the theater provides entertainment that lies at the intersection of modern comfort and nostalgia. Enjoy a classically art deco stage updated to accommodate a wide variety of performances.

The historic Milford Theater was purchased in 2021 and has been returned to even better than its former glory. Totally updated, the seats are larger and more comfortable. The once antiquated sound system has been replaced with state of the art electronics. The lighting is all new from the ceiling canisters, to the back stage lighting and direct stage lighting to better showcase the performers and talent. The electronics are controlled by an expert technician in the new control room at the back of the theatre seats on the second level.

The lower level behind the stage has been changed into a comfortable and beautiful suite of rooms for relaxing. There is a make-up room and dressing room for the theatre’s guests and performers, a fully equipped bathroom with shower and a comfortable area to rest and partake of food and cocktails.