The 1892 Lynching of Robert Lewis in Port Jervis, NY

Sunday, September 24, 2023
Time: 1 pm
Good Shepherd Episcopal Church

On a June evening in 1892, a frenzied mob in Port Jervis, New York, dragged Robert Lewis nearly a half a mile through the streets, before hanging him from the limb of a tree. Lewis had lived and worked in Port Jervis all his life, but on that fateful night, he stood accused of brutally raping a young, white woman named Lena McMahon. For that he would suffer an ignominious death. Despite the large number of witnesses present, nobody was ever held accountable for his murder. 130 years later the complete story of the lynching is told. Was Lewis set up to commit the crime? Who instigated the mob? Why wasn’t anyone held accountable? 
Michael J. Worden, the author of the award-winning Lynched by a Mob, will be in conversation with Christa Caceres, President of the Monroe County, PA, chapter of the NAACP.
Michael Worden, author of Lynched by a Mob

Michael Worden

Michael J. Worden is a retired law enforcement officer and award-winning author of historical true crime books. During his tenure as a Port Jervis detective, he investigated major crimes, including four homicides. He spent years researching the details of the Lewis lynching, uncovering court documents that haven’t been seen in 130 years, and tracking down the ultimate fate of Lena McMahon.

He is the author of two historical true crime books: the two time award winning Lynched by a Mob! The 1892 Lynching Robert Lewis in Port Jervis, New York, published in May 2022, and the 2013 book, The Murder of Richard Jennings: the True Story of New York’s First Murder for Hire. He is also the author of Ghost Detective, which is a fascinating exploration of his experiences as a paranormal investigator.

Michael has worked with well-known paranormal investigator Linda Zimmermann. They have investigated hundreds of locations, ranging from private homes to places such as Eastern State Penitentiary and the Lizzy Borden House. His first book, Ghost Detective, which is focused on his experiences as a paranormal investigator, was published in October 2009. Michael’s own interests in the paranormal can be traced to his childhood.

Next Generation Indi Book Award – 2023 – True Crime – winner
Independent Publisher Book Awards – 2023 – True Crime – gold medal


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Christa Caceres

Christa Caceres is President of the Monroe County, PA, chapter of the NAACP. She holds a B.A. in Jurisprudence and M.S. in Law and Public Policy from the California University of Pennsylvania. Her leadership and advocacy activities include service on the board of directors for The Greater Pike Community Foundation, Pocono Mountains United Way, Emerge Pennsylvania and the newly formed Seven Oaks Collective. In 2021, Christa was the recipient of the prestigious MLK Community Member Award from East Stroudsburg University.