Telling Secrets: Writing About the CIA

MAIN STAGE – Saturday – September 21, 2019
2:30 – 3:45 PM
Milford Theatre. Ticket Required

Telling Secrets: Writing About the CIA with Jack Devine and Tim Weiner

Former Acting  Director of the CIA’s operations outside the US, “spymaster” Jack Devine, author of “Good Hunting”, will talk with Pulitzer Prize winning writer Tim Weiner, author of National Book Award winner “Legacy of Ashes – The History of the CIA” about the challenges of writing about an organization steeped in secrets. The discussion will be moderated by journalist and author Lucian Truscott IV.

Jack Devine

Jack Devine is the author of the memoir “Good Hunting: An American Spymaster’s Story” about his thirtytwo year career with the Central Intelligence Agency. At the pinnacle of his career he was the CIA’s top spymaster and head of the CIA’s operations outside the United States. He is a founding partner and the president of the Arkin Group, an international risk consulting and intelligence firm.


Tim Weiner

As a reporter for the NY Times covering American intelligence, Tim Weiner won a Pulitzer Prize for his work on secret national security programs.  He has written four books and is co-author of a fifth. He won the National Book Award in 2007 for “Legacy of Ashes: The History of the CIA”.

Tim Weiner: Legacy of Ashes

Lucian Truscott IV, Moderator

As the third generation of a military family, Lucian Truscott IV attended West Point and wrote the acclaimed novel “Dress Grey” about his time there. He has written extensively about the military and was a columnist for the Village Voice.

Lucian Truscott IV: Heart of War