In Celebration of Readers

by Michelle Oram

Bravo to the Readers of this world. The power of the written word does not just come from the authors of books, but the many readers who take the time to sit, embrace, and bring meaning to what is read.

Much like a singer, Readers transform the words of a book by bringing their own personal journey and experiences to everything they read. But unlike a singer, they are not lauded for their time, effort and interpretation.  

Composers depend on singers to bring their songs to life. When done correctly, the listener feels they have glimpsed into the heart of what is being said by the singer and composer. No two singers are alike. They all interpret the lyrics uniquely and bring their own emotional vulnerability to a song. Bob Dylan sings “To Make You Feel My Love” very different from Adele. They are both unique and masterful with their interpretation of the song.

The same can be said of Readers. Authors depend on Readers to bring their books to life.  The reader must devote time and concentration to what is being read, using sense memory to see, hear, taste, touch and feel all that is being created by the author. A Reader delves into the mind of the author, interpreting and relating to what is read as they empathize with the characters, events and what transpires.

Book Clubs are enlightening because no two readers are alike. Like singers, Readers bring something different to each book. The discussions in Book Clubs help us to share different facets of the same book.

Readers come in an array of colors. Some rushing through their daily routines to escape into their favorite overstuffed armchair. A pot of chamomile tea beside them, creating a sacred place where they allow the author to unravel their hearts and chew up their emotions.

Some Readers are left famished by the daily routine of the world and gorge themselves on books to satisfy their hunger for life. They are addicted. Like an addict they need their daily fix of a romance, mystery, thriller, fiction, nonfiction or whatever genre suits their fancy for the day.

Readers are forever grateful for books. They understand their power to transform. The “Kite Runner” tore out a piece of my heart. “Eat, Pray, Love” had me blasting with hysterical laughter in quiet cafes. “To Kill A Mockingbird” helped shape my core value beliefs.

Whether a romance, mystery, thriller, memoir, books bring excitement. They transform our spirituality, give us hope, growth and help us as artists, cooks, travelers. Books provide self-help for whatever ails us.

So, thank you Readers for taking the time from your hectic schedules to read, share and bring to life -the power of words.