Our Words Matter

By Amy Ferris

by Amy Ferris This is the third year in a row that Milford Readers & Writers is hosting a Women’s panel. I am so delighted. I am delighted for many reasons, the main one being that women’s voices are a deep passion of mine. You can almost call it an obsession. Women writing/righting their lives, I just love the … Read More

Writing About War

By Lucian Truscott IV

by Lucian Truscott IV It was November of 2003.  This country had invaded Iraq seven months previously, and I was sent over to “cover” the “war” by Harper’s Magazine and the New York Times.  I flew into Kuwait on British Airways and caught a flight on an Air Force C-130 to BIAP, Baghdad International Airport, … Read More

Never Kill a Mockingbird

By Michelle Oram

by Michelle Oram I remember watching To Kill A Mockingbird many times when I was little. My mother was a big fan of Gregory Peck. It began with the opening theme song, a simple innocent melody, which made the hairs on my arm tingle. As the music is played the contents of what seems like a children’s … Read More

Literary Sense and Sensibility

By Carol McManus

The Milford Readers and Writers Festival rolls into 2018 with a thrilling and diverse line-up of authors. But what are we all about, really? We are about you…the reader! Authors, whether best-selling, newly published or aspiring, all agree on one thing: without our readers our words don’t matter. But you may wonder how we select … Read More

Asante Steinem, and Berendt Together

By Suzanne Braun Levine

by Suzanne Braun Levine There will be a lot said about books at The Milford Theatre on Saturday, October 1. In keeping with the Festival’s mission of igniting conversations between those who love books and those who write them, the three authors, John Berendt, MK Asante, and Gloria Steinem, who are individually featured in the … Read More

Tickets on Sale Now! 2016

By Edson Whitney

While most of the program for the Milford Readers & Writers Festival is free, the “mainstage” events at the Milford Theatre—featuring John Berendt, author of Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil, MK Asante, author of Buck: A Memoir, and human rights icon Gloria Steinem, author of My Life on the Road—are now on … Read More