House on the Hill

July 5, 2017By Barbara DeVries

by Barbara de Vries In the fall of 1988, soon after selling my flat in London, I noticed an ad in The New York Times for a historic farmhouse on 10 acres. Like a tourist in a Ralph Lauren store, I made an impulse buy. I simply had to own land with trees and streams, and fly … Read More

And We Want to Thank…You

September 29, 2016By Amy Ferris

by Amy Ferris Our community is filled with beauty. All you need to do is step out of your car, and check out the scenery. Our waterfalls, our private beach and lakes, glistening icicles in the winter, and the colors of fall. Word is that our foliage is breathtaking – pure beauty. And we have … Read More

She is Suzanne Braun Levine

September 17, 2016By Amy Ferris

by Amy Ferris She is an editor, a writer, an author, a mother, a wife, a speaker, a producer, a warrior, a Goddess, a SHEro, a feminist, a girlfriend and a grand woman. She was the first editor of Ms. magazine. She won a Peabody Award for producing the amazing documentary She’s Nobody’s Baby: American … Read More